Under Construction!

I have been away, and feel terrible, but I have been busy reading, and writing, and am literally studying how to make my blog the best it can be. I have read a few books while I have been offline, and looking forward to finding a group that is interested in reading the “new releases” and anything else that interests us. I will pick up anything I see with more than 3 pages and read it, so I am looking for some ideas on books to read that I normally would not read. Unfortunately, I will pretty much read anything, so what ever you throw at me, I would be happy to hunt it down and read it. I have some books on my shelf that I have yet to crack open, and could spend my entire weekend in any store that has books to browse and buy. I want one person to tell me “Read this book!” so I can find it, read it, and discuss it. Do you have a book I should read?

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