A Good Clean Murder Finished Up

This story didn’t end how I thought it would, but I guess I really didn’t know how it would end. I really had no clue or guesses throughout the story as to who the murderer(s) could be. Jane had a tough go of it, staying in the Crawford’s house, dealing with Jake, Marjory being a bully, Phoebe just being a bitch, and Isaac making her question what she really wanted to do with her life.

So how did it end? The Pastor at Harvest College ended up expelling Jane from school, it was that or fire Isaac. The school called her parents, unbeknownst to Jane, who found out when her parents came for the funerals. She did spill the beans from the get-go when she saw them about her crazy roommate, being evicted, and staying at the Crawfords. They let her know later they knew she had been expelled.

As everything kept piling up, the story was coming to a close. As Jane is running things at the house for the dinner after the funeral, everything comes to a head. Phoebe disappears, and Jane tracks her down to the master bedroom, being held down by the maintenance manager. It was him all along, as well as Pamela, who certainly didn’t plan on dying along with her husband.

So the murderer gets hauled away, Jane calls the pastor of the school to get re-enrolled, promising to not see Isaac. And her parents pay the rest of her tuition, books, and room and board. They are going to also buy her a car, but she has to come back home after she finished college.

Will she accept their deal? If she does, will Isaac wait for her?

This was a good story, and a fun read. It’s not the type of story you want to pick apart and make sure everything adds up 110% (such as not much throughout the story to give you hints about who it could be). Finding out who the killer was wasn’t an “AHA” moment, where I thought “How could I have missed that?”

Up next in this series, book #2, Dirty Little Murder. I may be picking up a different story before this one though. Tune in to see what’s next!

Book #2, Plain Jane Mysteries
Book #2, Plain Jane Mysteries

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