Radically transform your understanding of the Bible.

A definite must have!

365 Days Later

I read the Bible and I understand a fair amount of it.  I’m no expert.  But what would it have been like to talk to someone, just a guy on the street, about what it was like seeing Christ walk past hauling the cross?  What would it have been like to actually be there see Joseph and Mary desperately look for shelter?  To be in their heads?  Please consider buying this extremely impactful book by Chris Martin. This is not an affiliate link and I make nothing from your purchase.  But you will gain everything.  It will deepen or even radically transform the way you see the Bible through intense first-person perspectives on Bible stories we know, but have never experienced. He has an amazing gift. And it’s only $3.00 because Chris undervalues himself! Buy it now before I get his head screwed on straight and convince him its worth…

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