The Silkworm – Robert Galbraith – AKA J. K. Rowling

I cannot remember the last time it took me 2 weeks to finish a story. It felt like every chapter I read, two more were added at the end of the story.
Am I saying it was bad? Not at all. It just never, ever takes me that long to read a story. I would pick it up. I would get interrupted. I would start reading it, and doze off. I would open it up, and then watch television.
So I was very happy to finally get to the end of the story, and the whole “Whodunnit” question was answered. I have to say I never saw that ending coming, and maybe it was my difficulty focusing, but I am still a bit unclear of how we reached that ending anyhow.
It felt like the last 2-3 chapters were written in a hurry, everything thrown together to just “get it over with”. I do not wish or want to give away any type of spoilers here, so I am keeping this one short and unfortunately, not so sweet.
I did enjoy the story. I was happy to again be a part of Cormoran Strike and Robin’s lives; finding out what they had been up to, and where there budding relationship (maybe by book 4?) is at. I would recommend this book if you read the first one, but I would borrow it before I bought it.
I am the person who when I have one book in a series, I have to have all the books in the series. Whether I will ever read them again or not. Someone else may want to. I am all in favor of the lending of books, I just make sure mine never get too far from home. So I already know I will be buying the 3rd book as well, whenever that may be.
I am still looking for that book that I am willing to stand in a line before midnight to get in my hands, and stay up all night reading. The book that will be finished before the weekend is over, without television, cellphone, computer, or Facebook interruptions. The book I fall asleep reading, and pick up where I left off before I get up for my first cup of coffee.
What happened to those writers? Where are their stories?

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