Friday Fun Facts!

Author: Joe R. Roper

Wrote: The Hunter Awakens: Book 1 of the Morus Chronicles

A local author, whom I have featured in this blog for his release party, is getting rave reviews for his story “The Hunter Awakens”. I have to admit, I have not had a chance yet to read it, as it was a bit laborious for me to get the Kindle reading app downloaded on my Nook HD ( 🙂 ) No worries, it was operator issues, not Kindle, Amazon, or the Nook!

I have it all set and ready to read, which I will be digging into this weekend as I spend a weekend in downtown Muskegon during Bike Time 2014 (yes, I am enough of a nerd that I have no issues sitting in an air-conditioned hotel room reading while tens of thousands of people are outside drinking, partying, and having a great weekend enjoying Muskegon’s sights!)

If you haven’t had a chance to get this book yet, please do! When it is too hot to be outside, there is nothing better than being inside, reading a great story!

For plenty more great information, check out Joe’s website, at

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