Dead Giveaway – Joanne Fluke

Well this book was much more tolerable than Joanne’s “Winter Chill” story. The first few chapters were a bit overwhelming, with 16 individuals, or 8 couples, being introduced as well as explanations of how they were all hooked together.
I enjoyed this story, and this is a book I would gladly lend out to others to enjoy as well.
The setting was a mountain condominium in Nevada, near Las Vegas. The richest of the rich live there, and they all have their own personal issues that seem to involve the other tenants more than you would expect to be involved with your neighbors. An avalanche traps everyone inside, and the bodies quickly start piling up.
I did not have a clue who the murderer was, until it was revealed. There was a nice twist at the end of the story as well.
This was an older story for Joanne as well, and I was surprised at the end of this to see that she has another mystery story coming out August 2014 (The Other Child). I thought she was strictly writing the Hannah Swensen stories; great mystery books with recipes included.

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