Video Kill – Joanne Fluke

Okay, I got through my 3rd Joanne Fluke suspense novel. This one was centered around a team of script writers who were making a movie, aptly titled “Video Kill.” With difficulty finding a studio to buy it, the luck of the screenwriters seems to turn around when a murder takes place, and the recorded evidence is left behind.

Throw in a Detective with a broken marriage (Sam) to go along with one divorced screenwriter (Erik), and another who has spent all their money (Tony), and everyone starts looking suspicious. It seems like pure luck that Tony knows Sam well enough that he shares the first murder DVD with him, and continues to do so as the bodies and DVD’s begin to pile up.

There are some twists and turns in the story, and I did enjoy the part that centered around Alfred Hitchcock movies being used to copy-cat how the actresses were killed. I really did not have a clue who the killer was, until I got to that point.

This was a good story that I enjoyed reading, but I can honestly say I am ready to go back to reading Joanne Fluke’s stories that are centered around Hannah Swensen and her bakery. They feel more rounded and well-written, and are also full of mystery and suspense.

I am on to two different books I promised to get read and reviewed, and should be easily done with both by this weekend.

The next two reviews will be much more exciting, I promise!

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