Murder at Tip-Up Town – Richard Baldwin

I finished the 2nd of the 3 books I bought at our yearly art fair a few weeks back. I enjoyed this book as well as the first one I read, Murder in the Choir Loft. This one was “Murder at Tip-Up Town – a Cold Case. This story was set mainly in Houghton Lake, Michigan, and they do have a yearly festival and the town becomes known as Tip-Up Town, due to all of the fishing that goes on. I have been to Houghton Lake a couple times, it is about a 3 hour drive away from me.

It was a good read, easy without overwhelming character connections that have a person confused throughout the whole story. The plot is centered around a young gentleman who asks for Lou’s help in solving the case of his missing grandfather. The characters were well-rounded, and the descriptions of the scenery and locations had you feeling like you were right there watching everything unfold. (I did see one error that I am not sure was intentional or not, but the characters were going to the Grand Traverse Pie Company, and it stated it was located on Apple Avenue. It is actually on Harvey Street).

I will not spoil the plot of this story, but if you are from Michigan, or have visited Michigan, this is a great read. There is not a lot of suspense in this story, but you will definitely be guessing through the whole book who the murderer actually is.

have you read books that are written around your hometown?

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