Tales of Terror and Mystery – Arthur Conan Doyle

I have found my Halloween book for this year! Having long ago read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, only to read them over again, I was excited to find Tales of Terror and Mystery, a collection of short stories with each one more gruesome than the previous. Each tale averages about 10 pages long, and they have as many twists and surprises that you have come to expect from Mr. Doyle’s writing. A couple of them I had figured out fairly early what was to happen, not due to Mr. Doyle’s writing, but due to the fact that authors after him have fashioned stories with what seems to be very similar plot lines.

There are definitely a few stories in here that I will be sharing with my girls as Halloween approaches. “The Leather Funnel” is a twist on what happens when a person will sleep with an object under their pillow, hoping to affect their dreams in a positive way by doing so.

“The Case of Lady Sannox” is a chilling tale that is not for the squeamish (and I will not be sharing with my younger ones) but definitely a morality lesson on the sins of cheating.

“The Brazilian Cat” is a perfect Halloween story, and I will be reading this one with my girls on Halloween Eve.

I tried to buy my girls out of going trick-or-treating last year, with no success. I may attempt it again this year, but we are still doing the stories!

One thought on “Tales of Terror and Mystery – Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. Tobe Damit September 15, 2014 / 4:48 pm

    That sounds like a really kool one!

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