“Murder Off the Beaten Path” Excerpt

Looking forward to picking this new release up this week!

M. L. Rowland's Weblog

Below is an excerpt from my book, “Murder Off the Beaten Path,” published by Penguin Random House under their Berkley Prime Crime label, and releasing Tuesday, October 7, 2014.


Lenny’s yell split the darkness. He fell backward onto the slope, yanking Gracie forward off her feet. She landed on the litter with her shoulder in the basket. Ribs knocked against the raised metal railing. Pain snatched the breath from her lungs.

The litter pendulumed below Lenny, dragging Gracie along with it. She dug her knees and feet into the rocky soil. “Stop!” she bellowed into the radio.

A long whistle blast sounded faintly from above.

The litter stopped moving. A scrabble of pebbles rolled down the hill. No sound, but two rescuers breathing heavily.

“Litter, sitrep,” Ralph said over the radio.

Grunting against the pain, Gracie pushed herself up off the litter and crouched on the steep hillside, propping herself…

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