We Interrupt Your Friday Fun Facts…For This Special Announcement

I have a list of 15 books, that I have purchased or were sent to me free, for review. I am already through one book, halfway through the next, and expect to have at least two more finished before the weekend is over. (No, I do not feed my children, I just throw them a scrap of food when they ask!)

Some of you have asked for a review and have been in contact; some of you filled out the form and disappeared. So I just wanted to put this statement out there:

I said I will never post a review of your book without you seeing it first.

I Lied.

If I have a glowing review of your book, and it is already out to the masses, I will post it. I have been randomly finding books and reading and reviewing them, and the really bad ones, I would not name the author or title. (Yeah, I will not make this a habit: some of you that I have read over the last year just really need to stop typing and go work at the local gas station!).

I am editing and reviewing books that have not yet met their publication date: I will never post a review before you tell me you are ready. I have several of these. I will be in touch with you. I am excited to be able to publicize these great stories as you are marketing it to the masses. I could not be happier than to know I have read a story before very many others have seen it, and it will change the world (Yes, I have read those stories!)

But I am also reviewing books that are available to the masses. So for you; if I have a great review, I am not going to contact you before I post it. If I did not like it, I will certainly not post it and not tell you.

I want to be a writer. I do not have that determination, drive, energy, or time. But I do have a ridiculous knowledge of the English language, dialect based on time periods or culture, and research skills that the FBI would kill for. So I can help those of you who are writers, to write.

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