Oklahoma Ride: Guideposts for your Life – Tony A. Smith

What a great read this was! It takes you through a young boys’ life, the time he was fortunate enough to spend with his Grams, and the lessons she taught him. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a wise, loving person in their young life that they can spend time with.

Oklahoma Ride Cover

I have never been to Oklahoma, but Tony certainly wrote this in a way that I could see every scene he described as if I had visited it many times. I adore books that have great descriptions of the surroundings.

There are wonderful life lessons here that will always be important, no matter what stage of your life you are at. They will never go out of style either. Tony’s Grams showed him from a very early age the importance of writing letters, and how much it means to the person who receives it. Why it is important to always be on time, and to truly listen to others, even if they repeat themselves. Your time is really the most valuable gift you can give to another.

There are great explanations and examples of why it is necessary and important to have a plan, be organized, and always strive to learn something new.

This book brought many smiles to my face, reading about this young boy and the loving relationship he had with his Grams. It is an easy read with some wonderful poetry, and is a perfect way to spend a relaxing Fall weekend!

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