What’s Keeping Me Busy Right Now

I am currently reading, for my own pleasure, “An Irish Country Wedding” by Patrick Taylor, M.D. This is one of several books in his Irish series, and the 5th one I am reading, out of 10 currently in the series. Patrick Taylor is a licensed Medical Doctor, retired, as well as a former Professor.

Patrick Taylor, M.D.
Patrick Taylor, M.D.

These are great stories about 2 Doctors who live and work in the Irish town of Ballybucklebo. They are set in the 1950’s and further on, depending on the story you are reading. There is a lot of back story information about the political issues that have happened in Ireland since the 1930’s, and it lends a good deal to the story without being overwhelming.

An Irish Country Wedding

It does not take long into the first story of this series to fall in love with the Doctors, their housekeeper Kinky Kincaid, and all the various characters throughout the quaint village of Ballybucklebo. If you are a fan of all things Irish, the political history of Ireland, or like stories that accurately reference medical terms and issues, while teaching you something at the same time, I would highly recommend you give Patrick Taylor’s books a try!

I am also in the process of editing one book that I am nearly finished with, and should be starting on another book editing job tomorrow. I am really loving getting to be on this side of the literary world, while helping authors publish the best possible story they can!

Are you reading anything at the moment that you can’t put down?

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