Wolf’s Head – Steven A. McKay

Book One in “The Forest Lord” series.

“The Wolf’s Head” gives a whole new look at Robin Hood. Adam Bell is the leader of a group of outlaws whom Robin is forced to join, both for his survival, and protection. Little John and Friar Tuck join the story quite close to the beginning, and make it that much more interesting.


Due to an obnoxious church Prior, Robin Hood has to go on the run for defending the honor of his girlfriend, Matilda. Robin quickly adjusts to life as an outlaw, proving his worth to the others who are living in the woods.

Things get very interesting when Adam goes to the sheriff, promising to turn over Robin Hood and the rest of the outlaws in order to be granted a pardon. It takes the outlaws a bit of time to learn to trust Robin as their leader, due to his young age and newness to the group. They know he’s good, they just don’t know about taking orders from him.

Robin leads the outlaws on several missions to right the wrongs committed by others, and manages to save Matilda from a horrible fate, and bring a father and daughter back together.

This is not normally the type of story I would pick up and read, but I thought it was fantastic and would definitely read more in this series. It is full of adventure, humor, friends, and forgiveness. It is fast-paced and you will not find yourself feeling bored while reading it, but you will wonder how time went by so fast when you stop long enough to look at a clock. This is certainly a story that is easy to get caught up in, and you will be glad you did!

You can find this story on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wolfs-Head-Forest-Lord-ebook/dp/B00DSCDZFY

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