The Boss Killers – Keith Gillison

You have to read this book! I cannot remember the last time I read a story that had me not only laughing out loud, but also anxious to turn the page and see what was about to happen. Excellent book! You will laugh, and hold your breath waiting to see what happens next. A fun read that you will not want to put down!

The Boss Killers Cover Image

Ross Ackerman is obsessed with getting rid of his boss, Mr. Charles Belvedere. Chief Inspector Harry Christmas is not only tired of the jokes he listens to during the holiday season, he is the only one who sees a connection with the fact that more business executives seem to die from “accidents” during the holiday season than at any other time.

With a full cast of characters, you will never get bored with this story. When Ross cannot take it one more day, he reaches out to his friend that he absolutely needs to kill his boss. His friend, ever concerned about Ross, devises a better idea.

Let him think he is killing his boss, via computer graphics, 3-D, real life video game. If only he knew what he had just stumbled upon. It is almost like opening Pandora’s box.

I would love to give you all the details on this story, but it truly is one you need to read for yourself. I challenge anyone to read this book and tell me they did not enjoy it!

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