Happy Father’s Day to my Favorite Reader!

I think one of the things that makes me so happy about the relationship I have with my Dad, (and there are many), is that I can buy him books, and he does not roll his eyes at me. I buy him books for Christmas, of series that I have read, and I know he will enjoy. And since we get hard winters here in Michigan, he has a lot of time to read.

Last Christmas it was Percy Jackson. He tried to give the books back to me, but I had to explain to him that I already had all of those books. So he donated them to the library in his very small town, and the Librarian was so happy, she hugged him 🙂 Which makes me feel even more happy!

So this year it is Harry Potter. I already told him he was getting them, and that once he starts, he will not put them down.

They get snowed in; a lot; so they have weeks at a time where they know they are not getting out of their driveway. He seemed a little intimidated when I told him each successive book is longer than the last, but I know he will love them.

And then I get to look forward to the phone conversations, and the visits, and the conversations about all things books, which makes me more happy than anything!

So here’s to you Dad, and our future Harry Potter conversations. And well beyond that, Thank You for ALWAYS being my rock, my support, my ear to bend, my bail-her-out-of-whatever-jam-she-got-into.

I am truly Blessed, and love you for it!

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