Lot 28 (A Lucky Marks Mystery) – G.W. Pomichter

Although this is not the first book in the Lucky Marks Mystery series, it is the first one I have read. (I now have the “first” book in my possession, and will be starting it soon!)

Lucky Cover Image

Lucky Marks is your classic detective: smart, funny, and a devil-may-care attitude. Lucky finds himself working for a film studio where he is responsible for looking for the skeletons in the actors and actresses closets before the journalists find them. While working there, he gets put on the trail of a director who seems to be a little too interested in his younger actresses. Under-age and no-way-legal actresses, that is.

It does not take long for a dead body to appear on set, and then it gets even more interesting. With a studio full of actors and actresses who could all be suspects, it is time for Lucky to put his skills to the test and find the guilty person, before anyone else gets killed.

Lot 28 Cover Image

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