ZOO – James Patterson

For having 3 bookshelves full of Mr. Patterson’s books, I can say I liked this, but I did not love it.

I loved the premise of it, and I loved the fact that at some point, all of these animals we have been “taming and training”, could someday turn on us.

I had a quick flash of my favorite man eating me to the bone…. Thanks James Patterson 🙂

this is what I image Bare-Bottom-Benjamin doing after he scraped my bones clean!
this is what I image Bare-Bottom-Benjamin doing after he scraped my bones clean!

So is this possible? Likely. This is also a new television series that Debuted on CBS in June. I have not seen it. Yet. I may watch it. But I probably won’t have the time to.

One thought on “ZOO – James Patterson

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