Are You Sure You are Right About What You Are Writing?

Or is this just a rite of passage you are trying to get through, and it does not matter if you are right, or wrong?

Because I can write about these (not)interchangeable words all day long, but that does not mean I am right.

Oh. My. Goodness. I am not right-handed, I like to write in my journal, and I have never had to do a rite of passage. And if you would like to get technical, we always have the Wright Brothers. But usually you will see this one as part of a word; such as playwright.

I wish I could give you some great cheats and hints to keep these words straight, but I really have nothing.

If you are writing something, think “W”. If you are correct about something, think “R”.

These seriously have to be some of my least favorite words in the English language.

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