Eve – Wm. Paul Young

I was anxious to get started on this book, as I have made it a habit to read “The Shack” pretty much once a year. I was aware this book would be different. Not just in the story line, but in the style it was written, and how I reacted, and interacted, with it.

Eve Cover Image

Yes; I do interact with the stories I read. In the manner of when I do not have said book in my hands, reading, I still think about it throughout the day. The characters, the plot, what I could be missing, and what I do not understand, or have just not figured out yet.

It did take me a couple chapters to really get into the story, and understand what exactly it was I was reading about. I knew from the book jacket that Lilly was a girl who washed up on a beach on an island between worlds. Lilly being from Earth, and the place where she landed, never really named.

There are many characters in this story, and they each seem to have a very important role within the story. While this is a retelling of creation and how we, man, all came to be, you will see that while it holds true to what you will read in Genesis (the first book of the Old Testament in the Bible), it gives you another insight into how it really all could have happened.

As you read it, you can see it. You may be a bit confused, but yet you understand it. It all makes sense, in the grand scheme of things. Lilly is a Watcher, and although it takes her quite some time to accept the fact that maybe she really isn’t useless, you can certainly sympathize with her and feel the true pain of her mind, body, and soul.

For further information about this book, visit: Wm. Paul Young – Eve

Have you tackled this story yet? Did you love it, or absolutely despise it?

3 thoughts on “Eve – Wm. Paul Young

  1. jan January 26, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    I haven’t read either the Shack or Eve. It’s pretty ambitious to re-imagine Genesis! Might be interesting!

    • Angela January 27, 2016 / 6:35 am

      It certainly is Jan!

  2. insapphicsunshine January 30, 2016 / 3:14 am

    Morning Angela!

    No, I’ve not read either, like Jan, but you certainly did a great job of whetting my appetite! I can imagine a Watcher’s job can be painful, if she longs to tell the Watched how they are going awry, astray, etc. Your review made me think of people needing someone to witness their joys, pains, trials and tribulations sometimes in life.

    Quite intriguing indeed!


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