A Crying Shame – William W. Johnstone

This is one of very few horror books I had not read by Mr. Johnstone.

Those of you that have been following me, and those of you that know me, know that I absolutely adore his writing. It literally changed my life!

I would go to the grocery store with my Mom every week. And every week; I would find a book I wanted to read, and she said, just get it!.

Rockinghorse. That is the book that made me write to him in the first place. A silly teenaged girl using a typewriter (Yes; an actual typewriter), to write to Mr. Johnstone and let him know how that book lit a fire in me.

And I found more of his books. And I came home from middle school one day for my Mom to tell me I got something in the mail!

It was an autographed book, and a letter, and it put me on the path of reading and writing that was so amazing to me. I continued my correspondence, and had the pleasure of having a NY Times best selling author telling me what to do to succeed.

(After I read Rockinghorse, I was so amazed at how the story played out, I asked him if he wrote it from the ending, and then filled in the rest!) I could not honestly believe, at 11 years old, that someone was capable of seeing all of that in their mind, and writing it out.

…I feel like I have wasted time…I have stories in my head; stories I write; but it is not the right time…

I am waiting for my Rockinghorse; and as soon as I have it; I know that I have succeeded.

Thank you Mr. William W. Johnstone. You were a gift to me; and your books are a gift to everyone… I truly miss you, and will try to get over the disappointment I feel for not publishing a book before you could read it.



One thought on “A Crying Shame – William W. Johnstone

  1. finnegandaley May 19, 2016 / 8:53 pm

    What an indelible impression he made on a young mind! Thank you for sharing, it’s good to hear positive stories about our heroes.

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