I Didn’t Realize How Much This Happens…Please Do Not EVER Pay Someone To Review Your Book

I have randomly seen here-and-there that someone would say they paid to have their book reviewed. I have also randomly seen someone post that they would review books; for a fee.

So I figured I needed to look into this, and find out exactly what was going on. I mean, really, I have been reviewing books for new authors for quite some time, so how much money could I have made? (Sarcasm)

I found a man who made over $10,000.00 in a month doing this. WHAT? He was caught soon enough; a writer called him out 🙂 He tried to change his name so he wouldn’t come up in search engines, but the last thing I read was that he was now selling real estate.

So without getting too technical and looking up my blog post from the beginning of January (Yes, I am tired, it has been a long day, and I kind of remember), I read and reviewed books in numbers of upwards of 40. I know around September, I asked for new authors to let me review their books. And boy did I get the response! Out of all the books that I bought or were sent to me (Yes, I bought several of them, and many were sent free of charge), there was only one that I did not post the review to. It was terrible, and I had no worries about anyone else buying this book, so I did not post the review. I got harassed, threatened a bit, and stalked, but I think they finally went away.

Who knew that the reading and writing business was so cut-throat?

So I guess I still just don’t understand the need to pay for a review. If I charged people for reviews, no one would ever trust a single review I spent the time to compose. I understand that new authors are anxious to get their work out there, and be recognized for the hard work they have invested.

But do not EVER compromise that hard work. Because as soon as any reader, such as me, finds out you were paying for reviews, they will never pick up one of your books.

I am looking forward to getting feedback from both authors, readers, and reviewers. Did you pay for a review? I am not calling you out; but I am certainly curious if it helped you at all.