The New Writing Machine…

…so I honestly have been putting off getting a new laptop, for several reasons.

My laptop of almost 7 years was my best friend. It helped me create 3 blogs, edit thousands of photos, and never shut down because it was tired.

It did NOT have Windows 10, which I loathe, and everything was right at my fingertips.

But it did indeed get tired. And would not turn on if it wasn’t plugged in; and would never charge.

So for the past two hours, I have been “setting up” my new laptop. I have logged in codes and passwords 37 times (I wish I was lying, but I’m not), and am still fighting to get Office downloaded so I can get my books saved on here.

I had to force it to download Chrome so I can function like I am used to, and does anyone really use Bing?

No; seriously…does anyone use Bing?

All of this so I can focus on getting my stories cleaned up, and start submitting to agents.

I know it will all be worth it in the end, because I truly feel my stories will bring joy to others.

Microsoft 10: you bring no joy to me 😦

We Were Not All Meant To Be Writers…

…because if it was not for us readers, you would all be working for nothing!

Reading Glasses Image

And that is just my way of saying Thank You to all of the authors who have been so kind to share the stories, the triumphs, the heartbreaks, and the challenges; all with me. Me being someone who wanted nothing more than to read what they had to write.

I look forward to another horrible Winter in West Michigan, with lots of coffee, Earl Grey tea, and great books to keep me comfy!

Write on my friends; write on!