One Step At A Time To Getting My Business Going

It seems to be taking me forever, but I have to say, the sunshine in Michigan has helped my motivation. It did go from 70 degrees during the week to snowing the next week, but I think it will be warming up for good now.

And I apologize for the blog post you all got alerts to about “When Parenthood is Not a Horror Story.” That was supposed to post to my blog, My internet connection has been well beyond shady for the past several weeks, and it is nearly impossible to do anything online.

I have my LLC license in place and filed with the State of Michigan, and found a great logo building website and created my logo. I will be changing the blog a bit in order to have a static first page, but for those of you who follow me, your alerts will take you directly to the blog.

Next up is finding a great theme to use to change this up, and hopefully nothing too difficult to maneuver while I continue to look for a better internet provider.

I should have another book review up tomorrow for a great book I finished a couple days ago, and I am reading another story and should be finished with that one in short order as well.

I am heading to Illinois Thursday morning to be a part of “The Lincoln Funeral Train”, so be prepared for a ridiculous amount of pictures and all things Abraham Lincoln very soon!

May your stories bring you smiles!

As I Finish Up Your Stories…

…I would like to ask that if I had indeed contacted you about reading, reviewing, proofreading, and/or editing your story, and you have not heard from me, to please send me a personal email.

Those whom I am about to review are Marilyn Cohen de Villiers, “A Beautiful Family”, Kate O’Hara, “Aphrodite on the Half Shell”, the 2nd book of “The Universe of God 2: the Chronicles of Jesus”, (twestephens please email me, I am lacking contact information). Also Adan Ramie’s, “Darkness Undone”.

Mary Ellen Deleon, please send me the date of your blog post on the 3 chapters you asked me to read, I can have that done as soon as I hear from you.

CB, I left a reply on my post, please contact me via my email so I know if there are certain ones of your short stories you would like me to look at, and I need your contact information as well.

I also am in the process of reviewing 2nd stories for Caryl McAdoo and Tony Smith.

If I have not mentioned you and had contacted you previously, Please send me an email. I likely just overlooked it, as I know there are books I purchased and are on my nook that I did not list here. Some books I found from reading through your blogs, and you did not necessarily ask for a review; I just found the premise of your story interesting, and wanted to read it!

I also received a couple emails from persons unknown to me, and unless if you put “Book Edit or Review” somewhere in the subject line, I would not have opened it. I do still have them in my inbox, but please send me another email so I know you are someone who has seen my blog post and not a random email virus waiting to infect my laptop!

Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you, and Happy Reading!

What I’m Reading Right Now

Kill Them Wherever You Find Them (Pendulum of Time Trilogy Book 1) – David Hunter

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This has been a great read so far, and I am about halfway through. I had every good intention of being done with this story by now, but life sometimes gets in the way of my reading plans!

There is a lot going on in this story, but I love it! It covers time travel, religious wars that have been going on since there has been more than one religion, and how 2 religious groups are determined to destroy the other, and the lengths they are willing to go to in order to do just that.

This story has moments that truly make you think to yourself “I wonder if that has ever/could ever really happen?” Unfortunately for mankind, I fear and believe the answer is yes; on both parts.

This story would be of interest to anyone who enjoys history, religious facts and beliefs, science fiction, and just likes to read to be educated about things you do not currently know about. Which is one of my favorite reasons for reading!

I will update with a complete review of this story when I finish it, and to check out this story and more by David Hunter, you can visit his website here: