Sanctum – Madeleine Roux

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The follow-up book to Asylum was not quite as creepy as Asylum, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. This story had us again following Dan, Abby, and Jordan as they return to Brookline, still in search of the answer to what is going on at the old Mental Hospital, and why.

Sanctum 001

They all lie to their parents saying they are going elsewhere (didn’t we all do this?) and are trying to figure out what Felix, the poor chap from the 1st book, was trying to tell Dan when he paid him a visit. Felix’s mom called Dan, asking that he come to visit Felix. Dan goes, only to leave feeling far more confused than he did when he arrived.

Sanctum 002

This book is full of creepy photos as well; this time of old circus performers. They make me happy that not only did my parents never take me to the circus, but that I have never taken my own children, either.

Sanctum 003

I do not know if there is going to be a third novel; nothing was mentioned at the end of this story. If one comes out, I will certainly read it. If not, it was a good two stories just as they are.

Asylum – Madeleine Roux

I finished this story in short order, and I loved it. I am already half-way through the second book, Sanctum, and that review will be posted likely sometime this coming week.

Asylum book cover

Dan Crawford spent a large amount of his childhood in the foster care system. Adopted by a great family, he is doing much better, but still seems to have some lapses of memory. His summer trip to a New Hampshire college has him meeting 2 new friends, Abby and Jordan.

Strange things begin to happen right from the get-go, and the 3 of them are determined to get to the bottom of it. Dan doesn’t know what is real and what he is imagining. Abby finds out something that throws her in a tailspin, and Jordan thinks they are both crazy for pursuing something he would rather they all just forget about.

This story is a page-turner that you will not want to put down. Well, I did put it down that first night; the pictures along with the story were freaking me out. If you like scary-makes-your-hair-stand-on-end stories, let me know what you think of this one after you rush out and get it.

What I Am Reading Right Now…

…and is freaking me out to no end! It has been a long time since I have been laying in my bed, reading a story, and it completely unhinged me so much that I put it down.

Asylum and Sanctum 002

Asylum. By Madeliene Roux. I bought this book, and the second in the series, Sanctum, without knowing anything about either.

I told my 13-year old she could read them after me, but I am now seriously questioning that statement. I do not think I can let her read them.

Asylum and Sanctum 003

I am keeping it short-and-sweet. Did you read these? What did you think?