Anymore, or Any More? Which One To Use, and When To Use It!

The lovely English language has several words that can be written two ways, and mean two different things, when used properly, in two different ways. (Yes; more comma-abuse by yours-truly!)

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Anymore, or any more? Awhile, or a while?

Anymore is considered a misspelling by many readers, writers, and editors. Most feel that any more is only interchangeable with any longer, and that anymore is an adjective that should never be used. Because they feel it is not a real word.  As a note, when I am reading something and see this, it doesn’t make me cringe.  When I am editing and see it, I change it to any more.

Awhile should only be used when it can be substituted with ‘for a while’, and still make sense.

“We waited awhile before getting our table.” or “We waited for a while before getting our table.”

This is considered an adverb.

The word ‘while’ can be used as a noun, and in this case you need to say ‘a while’, and not ‘awhile’.

“I just talked to him a while ago.” Saying “I just talked to him for a while ago,” does not make sense. This lets you know it is a noun in this sentence, and not an adverb.

I think most difficult English language situations can be figured out by substituting the word/phrase that is in question, and see if it still makes sense.

What ones trip you up?