Magic Realized: and Other Poems on the Human Spirit – Louis Alan Swartz


As someone who is not a huge fan of poetry, I once again found much joy, comfort, and peace in the poetry of Louis Alan Swartz. There is something here for everyone; and by everyone, I truly mean everyone. This is volume two to the book of poems titled Constructed of Magic. You can find that book here: Constructed of Magic paperback book

On to Magic Realized, and look at this beautiful cover!

Magic Realized Cover Image

As no two people will read the same poem in the same way, or take away the same meaning, it can be difficult to express what these poems mean to me. Surely they will mean something different to you? Of course they will; your experiences are different than mine! That is what makes poetry so meaningful, and important.

Some of my favorites?

He Loves. The things a man sees and experiences at different points throughout a day, and how they bring him joy, and love.

When We Played with Wooden Toys. A reminder of times much simpler, more than they could ever be now. Don’t we all want to go back, just one more time?

Street Scene. The bare honesty that we can only truly get from a child.

He Never Began to Live. Relatable. Seen this more times than I care to remember.

Drawing Out the Magnificence. Everyone should be required to read this. A little understanding and empathy goes a long way.

Creations. This poem made me feel warmth; I could picture, smell, and feel every description as if I were experiencing it right at that moment.

There are so many beautiful poems here, on life, love, living, family, and relationships. How to love, live, and let go when necessary.

Do you write or read poetry? Who is your favorite?

Constructed of Magic: (Poetry) – Louis Alan Swartz


Constructed of Magic and Other Poems on the Immortality of the Human Spirit by Louis Alan Swartz has a variety of chapters on subjects we can all probably relate to, such as death, love and marriage, children, sanctity, and hope, among others. I do not usually read very much poetry, but when I find poetry that I like, it tends to stay with me.

Such is the case with this book.  It is filled with moving poetry that you can relate to, and understand, and truly feel. An excerpt from a poem titled “You Should Have Been Here Tonight”:

You should have been here tonight.

In truth you were here.

In the last light of sunset

There was a laughing presence

Unmistakable at the gardens edge.

Filled with beautiful imagery and positive energy, these poems paint a picture in the mind’s eye of the way things used to be, the way things could be, and the way things should be.  You will easily find comfort from the poems on these pages.