An Irish Country Wedding – Patrick Taylor

Another splendid installment in the Irish Series (as I call it). We get to be witness to Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly and his marriage to Ms. Kitty O’Halloran.

An Irish Country Wedding

Berry is debating leaving this practice to pursue a specialty, as the young new Doctor is finding his way among the residents of Ballybucklebo.

We get to watch a young Doctor manipulate the small town he is taking care of; as he helps the white weasel escape the Bishop’s grasp.

And he helps another couple buy their first house, Bishop be damned.

Barry is learning there is much more to taking care of the residents, but does he let them go in order to pursue his dreams of specialty?

Patrick Taylor, M.D.
Patrick Taylor, M.D.

I hope someone besides me has read these great stories!