Why Is This So Difficult?

I am still fine tuning some things using WordPress.com for Business. I am pleased with the variety of things I can do with my theme, and I have access to all of the WordPress themes. Which is way more options than anyone needs!

But for some reason I was able to get my store attached and functioning before I switched my theme. I found a theme I like that has multiple menus and also allows me to post videos and have a store; everything I am looking for. But I am having some issues navigating around, and I hope it is strictly due to me being a bit tired today.

Because I only have about 6 more free days of figuring out if I want to keep the Business account before I get hit with the hefty yearly fee they are going to charge me for using their Business platform.

So I think it is time to get my cat, turn on Netflix, and watch Once upon a Time reruns in my bedroom and hope for a good night’s sleep. I will be back at it tomorrow, hopefully with more success than I have had today.

I am currently without a book to read, so I am going to go through the list of books you all suggested for my summer reading and start getting some of them.

More to come, and thanks for your patience! You are likely to see a different theme or two on a daily basis until I find just the right one!