On The Schedule For This Weeks Reading…

Is “The Quest” by Nelson DeMille. I picked this up at a store that was going out of business, and didn’t really plan on reading another religious themed book so soon after reading “Killing Jesus“.

This story is part thriller, part love story, according to the book jacket. The first thing I read that had me buying this book: She let them both know, “We are not leaving Ethiopia. We came here to find the Holy Grail, and we will not run away now.”

Mercado pointed out, “We are now hunted fugitives. We have just committed murder.”

Purcell corrected him. “I engaged a hostile aircraft.”

“Call it what you will, old boy, if it makes you feel better as they put the noose around your neck.”

He said to Vivian, “We need to get out of here.”

“We will. When we finish what we came here to do.” (DeMille, N. The Quest. Sept 2013).


"The Quest" by Nelson DeMille
“The Quest” by Nelson DeMille

So I’m all about the thriller side of the story, and hope the romance side of it adds to the story instead of being a distraction. I have read other books concerning the Holy Grail, and I find it an interesting subject as so many people from so many nations have been looking for this religious artifact for centuries.

So hopefully I can start on this book tonight, and I will have it read by Saturday 🙂

What are you reading this week that is keeping you from getting sleep and accomplishing your chores?

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