Real Murders-Wrap-up!


Well, I wish I could say I saw that coming, but even having read this story before, I completely forgot who the murderer(s) was/were. I would say it has been about 4-5 years since I read this story. I think out of all 8 of the books in the Aurora Teagarden series, I have read 3 of them.

Of course I will be getting the rest of them; I mean I can’t have an incomplete set of books on my bookshelf, right? This is a book that if my children had anywhere else to be other than our home, I would have gotten it read in a day.

So as to not spoil this for anyone who wants to read it; the name(s) of the guilty shall remain a secret. This really is a quick read, it is funny, and intense, and will have you holding your breath at certain parts. You may even laugh out loud. Literally. I did, and more than once. Roe has a particular way of imagining pain being inflicted on someone who is not particularly nice (yes, since this is fiction, I absolutely laughed at it; her wanting to kick someone in the nuts was rather funny, at least the way she imagined it in her head).

I have less than 3 weeks off before my next college class, so I figured what better to read than Ben-Hur. Written by Lew Wallace, at a page count of 342, this shouldn’t take me all too long….. 🙂

I may or may not review this as I go along; it is pretty interesting so far, being a couple of chapters in. I have never read this before, or saw the movie that was made starring Yul Brynner.  I may read something a little less “heavy” right along with this and keep you updated on that. As long as the stories are not in any way, shape, or form similar, I can read 2 books at once!

What great story have you recently read?

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