Darkly the Thunder – William W. Johnstone

This is not a book I read before, and it has a published date of 1990. I am very surprised I never read it, as I graduated in 1990, and I spent my middle school and high school years reading everything he published.


Anyhow….It was a great story, along the same lines as all of Mr. Johnstone’s Horror genre.

A little bit of supernatural, a lot of hometown-feel-good-connections. A whole lot of creepy things going on; blood and gore included.

People acting strangely, hearing thunder that shouldn’t be rumbling. The Fury, as it came to be known, was an evil presence that was controlling a town. But several deceased persons were fighting the fury on the other side. Sand and Morg and Joey. Howie is young, but he knows his stuff, and finds ways for them to communicate with Sand. His sister Angel is a strong force as well. Their parents are done for, as is most of the town.

One thing I loved the most about Mr. Johnstone’s stories is that young kids always played a major role. They were not dismissed for their age; but respected for their abilities. (Maybe I got pushed down one too many times for being who I was???)

I enjoyed the book, but it is not one I would read again. It was definitely worth my time, and I do not just say that because I had a personal communication with the author 🙂

I could never express how much I miss this man!


What are your favorite horror stories that still keep you awake at night? I will be reviewing mine very soon!

Yesterday’s Tomorrow – GW Pomichter & William DuPree

A fast-paced political thriller, this story is timely in that you will see many familiar names in the political environment where the story takes place.

After the deadliest terror attack on American soil, the entire East Coast is in blackout condition. While residents cope and adjust to their new way of life, their family members, who belong to the military, are working on both a solution, and catching those responsible.


Life is very different when you can’t start your vehicle, use a cell phone, or even turn on a kitchen light.

This story contains several phrases and acronyms that are common in military life. Each is explained the first time it is used, so it makes the reading smooth-going. Those with military experience will especially like this story, in my opinion.

As is my general rule (unless if the story is horrible, and I will let you know it!), I avoid spoilers as much as I can. What I can tell you, is that you quickly become vested in the survival of these families, neighbors, and friends that create a well-rounded story. This is an easy read, with plenty of action and suspense.

To Learn more about Mr. Pomichter, follow the link: G.W. Pomichter

Let’s Change It Up; One More Time…

…so I was kindly contacted by WordPress (no sarcasm here; I was glad they called me), letting me know my Business plan I paid for last year was about to expire ($299.00). Did I want to renew? Um; no; I didn’t. Through no fault of their own, I had some issues getting my store part of the business page working correctly, and I was not seeing the benefits I expected.

Some mistakes were on my side, and the person I talked to was kind enough to at least credit me to get some new things going forward on my plan so I did not lose all of that money.

So a few lessons here; my page is changing…again. I am trying to remove my store from my WordPress page, because I am literally not getting emails when someone contacts me, or buys something from me.

And Thank You to my customers who have been more than forgiving through this.

The Business account should expire shortly, and I am working on an Etsy store for any editing needs as well as merchandise all about books, for both writers and readers alike. Until then; you are going to see a Books & Opinions page still hanging out here that I cannot connect with.

And how is your Monday going?


My Missing Book Review – A Crying Shame by William W. Johnstone

Leave it to me to completely leave out the actual book review from the last post I did about William W. Johnstone. So; my apologies, and here it is!

A Crying Shame Cover Image

Sheriff Mike Saucier has his hands full when the Links stop keeping themselves hidden, and start taking revenge on the townspeople. They seem to have been infected with some sickness, and these half-human beings are going mad and no longer concerned about staying hidden.

Jon Badon is a mercenary brought to Fountain Parish, home to the Crying Swamp, by Paul Breaux. Paul had discovered what he since named the Links, as in “the missing link”. Part human, part animal, the Links had been around for hundreds of years.

As a genetic mutation took hold, they could no longer have female children, so in order for them to not die off, women of the parish were kidnapped and used for childbearing. Any babies that were human enough were left on doorsteps in town, to be raised with, and by, humans.

Jon Badon is determined to do what he was paid to do; get rid of the links. His Scientist and Doctor friends disagree. As Jon grows closer to Linda Breaux, he promises both of them that after this last mission, he will retire, and they will get married and start a family.

Can humans and half-humans really exist together? It may not always be necessary to fear something just because it is different than you.

I would love to tell you how it ends, but you know my policy; no spoilers if I can help it. This is a quick read, and a great story! I hope you give it a try!

Sweet Dreams – William W. Johnstone

I have to say for not having read this story in at least 20 years, it took less than 2 pages into it that I remembered the story, the main characters, and numerous other things I should have long ago forgotten.

Sweet Dreams

I either read this book more times than I could even guess when I was a teenager, or I have a place in my brain where I lock things away that are safe from my forgetfulness.

Heather and Mark are young teenagers who are both new to the same small town. The same small town where very strange things are happening with some of the residents. There is no rhyme or reason. Young or old, boy or girl, random members of the town are behaving in ways that are very disturbing to a couple of the adults who see what is happening.

Sweet Dreams Autograph.png
Almost 30 years ago when I received this in the mail!


Jerry is the town doctor, and Maryruth is a psychiatrist. And the numerous side characters are easy to follow, and you quickly get a vested interest in them.

It is all about Satan, and pure evil, and I will tell you right now, this book is very graphic in the horror department, so consider yourself warned. And my Mom bought this for me when I was 11… 🙂

It is a good read, and you will not be sorry you picked it up. I highly recommend it, and I would have recommended it 30 years ago before I reached out to the author and began a snail-mail communication.

Edge of Darkness (Submit to Darkness Book 1) – AJ Spencer

This story was a great read for me, and I had in finished within 24 hours. It is fast-paced, with characters that are well-developed and detailed descriptions that easily have you watching this story in your mind as you are reading it. You can see the characters, and you have empathy for them. Well, some of them. Derik Ryder; not so much.

Edge of Darkness Cover

Natasha Stolt is new on the case of the Serial Killer known to the public as Grimm, due to his fascination with staging his victims in a Fairy Tale type of scene, making a point that Natasha recognizes right away.

Her partner, Giovanni Tagliente, seems to have something to hide. I have a feeling book 2 is going to be a bit more sinister than this, and the lines are going to be drawn in the sand between what is good, and what is evil, and exactly where Natasha stands on that line between darkness and good.

I will certainly be finishing the next two books of this story; it is spectacularly written with a storyline and plot that will have many looking deep inside themselves to see if they are 100 percent sure of exactly where they stand on that line between darkness and good as well.

(This book comes with a warning disclaimer due to the graphic nature and violence of the story. It is justly earned so if reading graphic novels that include violence against women in every possible sense of the word is upsetting to you, this book is not for you).

You can find this book on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Edge-Darkness-Submit-Book-ebook/dp/B00NLPCIV0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416346897&sr=8-1&keywords=Edge+of+darkness+AJ+Spencer

Lost – Gregory Maguire

Lost book coverGregory Maguire went out on a limb with this story, creating a completely original character for the focus of the story. It is centered around an American writer, Winifred Rudge, who makes her way to London to visit a distant cousin. After publishing a best-selling story, she is ready to begin her next novel; a story about a woman who is haunted by the spirit of Jack the Ripper.

Her cousin, John Comestor,  has disappeared in thin air, his apartment in the middle of being renovated. His girlfriend proves useless in the search for John, and the downstairs neighbor is not much more of a help. The apartment is haunted by someone who resembles Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge himself. There are many other quick appearances of characters of literary history.

There are also subplots going on that I did not find necessary to the story. Instead of adding to it, they seemed to make it more difficult to enjoy.

I liked this story well enough, but it was not one of my favorites by Mr. Maguire. I have read all of his stories but one, and I find that they tend to be hit-or-miss for me. This could have been well beyond “good”, but I guess it’s like they say, “You can’t win them all!”