Sweet Dreams – William W. Johnstone

I have to say for not having read this story in at least 20 years, it took less than 2 pages into it that I remembered the story, the main characters, and numerous other things I should have long ago forgotten.

Sweet Dreams

I either read this book more times than I could even guess when I was a teenager, or I have a place in my brain where I lock things away that are safe from my forgetfulness.

Heather and Mark are young teenagers who are both new to the same small town. The same small town where very strange things are happening with some of the residents. There is no rhyme or reason. Young or old, boy or girl, random members of the town are behaving in ways that are very disturbing to a couple of the adults who see what is happening.

Sweet Dreams Autograph.png
Almost 30 years ago when I received this in the mail!


Jerry is the town doctor, and Maryruth is a psychiatrist. And the numerous side characters are easy to follow, and you quickly get a vested interest in them.

It is all about Satan, and pure evil, and I will tell you right now, this book is very graphic in the horror department, so consider yourself warned. And my Mom bought this for me when I was 11… 🙂

It is a good read, and you will not be sorry you picked it up. I highly recommend it, and I would have recommended it 30 years ago before I reached out to the author and began a snail-mail communication.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams – William W. Johnstone

  1. Wayne Cummins May 17, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    I have every single horror book that William W Johnstone has written, I also am lucky enough to have all 34 books in the ‘Ashes’ series! A great big shout out to Jo Johnstone for being a good friend and mentor. ‘Uncle Bill’ was and is the greatest author of all time!

    • Angela May 17, 2016 / 6:07 pm

      Thanks for sharing Wayne! His books were a very important part of my teenage years, and they still mean so very much to me. The communication I had with him I will forever be grateful for!

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