Edge of Darkness (Submit to Darkness Book 1) – AJ Spencer

This story was a great read for me, and I had in finished within 24 hours. It is fast-paced, with characters that are well-developed and detailed descriptions that easily have you watching this story in your mind as you are reading it. You can see the characters, and you have empathy for them. Well, some of them. Derik Ryder; not so much.

Edge of Darkness Cover

Natasha Stolt is new on the case of the Serial Killer known to the public as Grimm, due to his fascination with staging his victims in a Fairy Tale type of scene, making a point that Natasha recognizes right away.

Her partner, Giovanni Tagliente, seems to have something to hide. I have a feeling book 2 is going to be a bit more sinister than this, and the lines are going to be drawn in the sand between what is good, and what is evil, and exactly where Natasha stands on that line between darkness and good.

I will certainly be finishing the next two books of this story; it is spectacularly written with a storyline and plot that will have many looking deep inside themselves to see if they are 100 percent sure of exactly where they stand on that line between darkness and good as well.

(This book comes with a warning disclaimer due to the graphic nature and violence of the story. It is justly earned so if reading graphic novels that include violence against women in every possible sense of the word is upsetting to you, this book is not for you).

You can find this book on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Edge-Darkness-Submit-Book-ebook/dp/B00NLPCIV0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416346897&sr=8-1&keywords=Edge+of+darkness+AJ+Spencer

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