Back To London, and the Mess Edwin is Making

Well, the bodies are definitely piling up now. With many more to come, by the looks of it.

Mr. Racist Peter Sudgen and his wife are invited to a housewarming party at their foreign neighbors, and he vows to get rid of them by Christmas. Edwin gets questioned, spits out “I didn’t kill her!” as well as “I have an alibi!” Way to play it cool Ed, way to play it cool.

We find out Peter is doing some shady trading in the market for his clients, and I am wondering how long before he is on the top of someone’s list.

Ed decides Vanhi needs to be taken care of as well, because since she uses the darknet, she could possibly track him down and confess everything if she ever got caught.

Barry wants Ed to take care of Jessica and her new boyfriend, and Ed still needs to get rid of Vanhi’s hit; remember, Mr. Pockmarked-Face? So Barry stabs Mr. Pockmarked-Face (apparently he was Emanuel Richard) to death, and then Ed tells him he has to kill another as well, since Ed is killing 2 for him.

So Barry buys an illegal gun, meets Vanhi and tries to get to know her since he is an utter failure at following her. Edwin decides he needs a rock-solid alibi for when Vanhi is killed, so he gets himself chucked into jail for the night.

Detective Morton is noticing the bodies beginning to pile up. From page 81, “…members of the public were randomly killing each other and not leaving evidence, and without there being any apparent motive.” (Campbell & Campbell, Dead on Demand). I have to say, that actually made me laugh out loud.

There is no way I will get this book finished over the rest of my short weekend. I am only on page 88 of 265. Yes, that much has happened in 88 pages. Honestly, the story is starting to give me a headache, but I really do want to find out how many people end up doing each other in, and if Ed ever gets caught for starting this whole fiasco.

What are you reading this weekend?


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