So, to cut to the chase……

Barry offed Vanhi. Ed set up another, yes, another, double-deal (how many does that make now?) and is going to have Peter Sudgen kill Barry, therefore eliminating that connection. Unfortunately, Barry is more of the murdering type than I would have first suspected of him. As Peter meets Barry at the docks and is going to inject him with a needle full of insulin (and then toss him over the railing into the ocean) Barry sees the needle before it gets near him, and wrestles with Peter, knocks him over the railing into the ocean below, and that’s that for Mr. Peter Sudgen(-sometimes-Jones).

Ed catches this information on the news, and realizes he now has a bigger problem than he first thought. Really Ed?

So now Yosef is in the picture, trying to find someone to kill his tay-sachs disease-riddled son; he is suffering way too much. So Yosef just tosses himself right into the middle of this web, along with Anthony (known as Ant), remember, he spent 3 years in prison and came out with a really bad attitude, and HIV to boot (maybe I didn’t mention him?? He took the fall for the drug bust at the college…..ahhh, nevermind, he is likely to get it before the end of this story too).

So Ed’s got several people on the line waiting to kill someone in return for their target being killed. There is also an issue of money being involved now; because Ed needs money.

So, I did get a good chunk of this book read, and will give the final update on whose left standing at the end, who’s in jail, and who didn’t make it.

Confused yet? Yep. Me too!

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