Silence-Natasha Preston


I put a large number of books on my Nook yesterday, and Silence is one I had read within a day. Yeah, I will regret it later when I am trying to get my homework done that should have been finished already.

I really liked this story, and will definitely get the 2nd book, Broken Silence, even though Goodreads had spoilers all over the place that I couldn’t have missed if I tried (good going, jerks!). Maybe I will get the 2nd book; the 1st reviewer on Goodreads told the whole story of the 2nd book, so I may just save my money.

Anyhow, stay off Goodreads, and find this book. It is a YA story, but it is good. The writing isn’t fantastic, and you need to look past the grammatical errors (hire an editor people, hire your neighbor, hire your cat, but PLEASE, let someone read your story before you print 1000 copies of it).

Oakley is the main character, and has been silent for 11 years. She manages to get by, her family and friends concerned of course but with no idea what to do. I will not say any more, because you can get the idea of this story right from the first few chapters.

It’s a quick read, and one I think you will enjoy. Mild cussing, no graphic sex, no gore.

I’ve got about 12 more books to get through, so I will be starting the next one as soon as I get my homework done today!

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