Never Buried-Edie Claire

One of several (OK, about 15) books I put on my Nook, and I spent about 3 days getting it read. I really enjoyed this story, and it says “Book 1 of the Leigh Koslow Mysteries”.


I will avoid any spoilers, and just give you the basics.

Leigh works in advertising/marketing, when she is not laid off, which seems to happen a lot. While staying with her cousin, they find a dead body in a hammock in her back yard. Lucky for Leigh, her college roommate is an officer for the local police department. This does not appear to be so lucky for that friend, as Leigh seems to always be where she should not be, investigating on her own.

This was a fun read, not too many characters, which is really a pet peeve for me. The story is 194 pages, and will hold your interest from beginning to end. Although I am about to start another book I have on my Nook, I will definitely be reading more of Edie’s stories.

What are you reading at the moment?

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