Long Time Coming – Edie Claire

Another book by Edie Claire, this one is more along the romance line, but certainly not the Harlequin or 50 Shades type, if you get my drift.

This book was long, but another great read by Edie. I had it read within a couple of days, and will certainly be getting more of her books.


Without giving away any spoilers, a woman returns to her home town to help take care of her parents, and has to deal with the death of her best friend from 18 years ago that she managed very well to avoid. Blaming her best friend’s boyfriend had worked very well for all of those years, but was not going to work much longer.

This is a great story, as much mystery and suspense as romance, and none of these elements are on the graphic side.

If you haven’t read a book by Edie yet, I definitely recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

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