At The Local Art Fair…

… I got autographed books! 2 of my girls and myself ventured down to the local art fair that happens every 4th of July weekend, and were not disappointed. It was hot and sticky for me, but I only have myself to blame as I was wearing jeans.

We happened across a booth that was covered with books, so of course I was straight in there! Richard L. Baldwin, a writer from Haslett, Michigan, was selling his books as well as those from other authors who use the same publishing house, Buttonwood Press. He writes mystery books, all set in various towns in Michigan. I picked up one for my daughter who stayed at home not feeling well, and 2 for myself.

I picked up Murder at the Cherry Festival, based in Traverse City, Michigan. Murder in Tip-Up Town is set in Houghton Lake. Death in the Choir Loft takes place in Chelsea, Michigan, and features the Holy Living Waters Church. A quick search of this church has it located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, but as I haven’t read the story yet, I cannot say if the church is real or fictional as a setting to the story.

I am still reading The Silkworm, by J. K. Rowling, and am nowhere near as far into it as I planned, since I planned on being done with it today!

These 3 books look like quick reads, and are next on my list to read and review. Then I can get back into the stack of books I bought last week from B&N.

I apologize for the less-than-stellar quality picture, but it is from my phone as I replaced the hard drive in my laptop and have yet to locate my Nikon Software Disc to get pictures from my SD card to my computer.

What have you been staying up late at night reading?

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