Winter Chill – Joanne Fluke

This is one of three different books by Joanne Fluke that I picked up at B&N. I had it read within a couple of days, but was waiting to review it until I had my laptop back in proper working order. Since it now looks like a couple hundred dollars later and my laptop is still being a jerk, I will continue to post from my phone or Nook. Which is even more difficult than it sounds, because there is no good way to add pictures from either of these devices.

So the story Winter Chill is about a family that loses their young daughter in a tragic accident. The parents are shattered, the town is shocked, but this is just the beginning.
The bodies begin piling up, and it is a toss-up between who the guilty party is. There were not a lot of suspenseful situations in the story, but it was an easy read so I kept reading it. I had it figured out fairly early into the story, but it will definitely be a book that I am not likely to take off my bookshelf and reread at some point in the future.
With that being said, I must point out that this story was written in 1984, which I am going to assume was written at the beginning of her writing career. I definitely prefer her more recent stories, but I do have 2 more of her books to read that are likely similar to this one.

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