Fireproof – Eric Wilson

Such an amazing, powerful story! The movie is just as good as the book, and for me to say that is pretty much a miracle!

I love reading books that are based around religion (I am of the Lutheran faith, a denomination of Protestants). This story really touches home on how to save a marriage, when most are willing to go to the lawyers, sign some papers, and try to make it disappear.

A firefighter is losing his marriage; his wife is done with being ignored, and he is done with her not taking care of him. So his father gives him a pact to follow for a month, no matter what. Do what this journal says, and if it doesn’t work, then you should probably get divorced.

Fireproof cover

We watch as he does everything required, yet is met with brick walls from his wife. He has a major issue with his mother anyhow, so he is curious to see how his father made this work.

I am not one big on giving spoilers, but when he realizes his mother was actually the one to give this “contract” to his father, he finally understands some of the many components of making a marriage work.

This book is a must read; it is not filled with religious overtones if that is not your thing. It definitely shows you the important things in life. How to live your life, how to forgive, and how to be great!

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