Cradle and All – James Patterson

As the owner of too many James Patterson books to count; Okay, you can never have too many James Patterson books!, I figured I was due to review another one. I read this story quite some time ago, and it was a great read!

Cradle and All cover

Anne Fitzgerald is a former nun, and current private investigator. Still having a friendship with the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Boston, it was him who brought Anne the strangest case yet to date. She travels to Los Angeles and witnesses the horrible effects of the outbreak of polio. Yes, polio. It has just found its way to Boston, so Boston is not yet as ravaged with the disease as Los Angeles is.

What comes next is as unbelievable to the religious PI as it would likely be for most; a pregnant virgin. Not just one, but two. One in Ireland, one in Boston.  And even more epidemics. Seemingly straight from the Bible. The world begins to wonder if this truly is the “second coming” that many have predicted, prophesied, and been waiting for. Anne realizes the danger that these two girls are in with their virgin pregnancies and upcoming births. These two girls are scared. Anne is scared. The whole world is scared.

With this story, Mr. Patterson builds on both our inborn fears and our inborn hopes at the same time. It seems now more than ever that everything, everywhere, is going from bad to worse to unspeakable. This is a great story to make you think, with lots of twists you won’t expect, and it is not full of religious overtones (really, it is not) in case if that isn’t your thing. You should definitely give this one a try!

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