That One Story You Cannot Let Go

and it took me forever to find it, and thank you Amazon.

Dawn of Desire

My poor Granny has no idea what she did when I “stole” her book from her when I was 11 years old. Yes; over 30 years ago. It was “Dawn of Desire”. By Joyce Verrette. And I read this story over-and-over again. Only to lose it in a basement flood of all things.

And I forgot about it. Yet; I didn’t.

It was the best story I had ever read for my young age.

And still, at 42+ years old, it is one of the stories I will continue to read, over-and-over again.

And after literally checking the internet for years looking for this book; I found it! As well as the 2 following books that were part of this series.

I do not know what happened to Joyce Verrette; but I do know I got these books back in my hands. So Thank You!

One thought on “That One Story You Cannot Let Go

  1. gregg December 22, 2014 / 8:59 am

    The book that keeps haunting me – The Gunslinger, Stephen King. Everytime I think im over it …BOOM ! Im back in Tull with long tall and ugly!

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