The Life & Times of an Incorrigible – G.M. Roberts

GM Roberts Cover ImageG.M. Roberts tells a straight-forward story of his life, in the first-person, from his birth, his lack of enthusiasm for learning, school, or being to what to do, to his Military career, his marriage, and what he did after he was once again a civilian.

I’ve not heard very many people say they wanted to go to Vietnam during the war. Okay, I have never heard of anyone saying that. G.M. was most comfortable in the Military. He may not have always been able to have the job or position he wanted, but it was certainly the career he was meant to have.

Civilian life was not all it is cracked up to be for G.M. He had a career, and people contacting him to work and teach for them, but after losing his Emy to cancer, nothing was important anymore.

This story had me laughing out loud, and feeling great sadness. The story about the sloth still has me cracking a smile. The descriptions of the rappel demonstrations will not soon be forgotten. G.M. certainly knew how to have fun no matter what he was required to do.

Life lessons are shared throughout the story, and are lessons that can fit anyone, in any situation. They are not cliché, or redundant, or untimely. They are important. G.M. questions the influence he had on the many troops who he trained, mentored, taught, and watched both come and go in the Army. I think it is safe to say he likely influenced and helped more people than he could ever realize.

This was a very smooth, easy read for me. It was like talking to a relative, and listening to their stories of what their life was like, the things they experienced, and how it helped shape their life. I highly recommend this story, especially if you are a veteran, currently serve in the Military, or are somehow connected to someone who is.

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