End of Watch – Stephen King


Finally! I managed to get this book finished, and I was not disappointed. Bill Hodges is still not finished with Brady Hartsfield. Apparently, Brady is not even close to being finished with Bill,  either.


You’ll find familiar faces here from the first two stories (Mr. Mercedes, and Finders Keepers), as well as some new characters. The story focuses on Hodges and Hartsfield both being able to put an end to the twisted ties they have to each other.


Which says a lot, because Brady Hartsfield is supposed to be in a vegetative state. A Doctor at the hospital sees the perfect opportunity to use Brady as a guinea pig for an experimental drug for those suffering from brain injuries. Apparently the drug should be approved, because it seems to work. Whether the extra benefits Brady experiences are due to the medication or not is questionable.


Brady is determined to make Hodges, as well as those nearest and dearest to him, finally pay for interfering in his twisted plots of death and destruction. And Hodges has enough on his mind already. Holly and Jerome once again team together with Hodges in what is the perfect ending to this trilogy.


What did you think about End of Watch?

5 thoughts on “End of Watch – Stephen King

    • Angela August 10, 2016 / 2:05 pm

      I just started Bizarre of Bad Dreams. I have not read Salem’s Lot in forever!

  1. ccarterauthor August 10, 2016 / 3:33 pm

    I read this series, excellent work. I also read The Bizarre of Bad Dreams, it was a good collection. Some of the stories were very compelling.

    • Angela August 10, 2016 / 6:26 pm

      I am really liking it so far!

  2. Don Massenzio August 11, 2016 / 8:58 am

    I reviewed this book a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it, but was somewhat disappointed. The first two books in the series, Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers, were great detective/mystery novels. There was very little, if any, elements of the supernatural or horror genres. In this one, King seemed to fall back on those elements instead of keep it a pure detective novel.

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