My Future Personal Library!

I have everything bought I need to turn this 11×11 foot room into my library.

Here is what it looks like now…

Tomorrow I will post the furniture, lamps, and rugs I bought.

The one thing I haven’t gotten? Bookshelves 😳😂

I will start painting tomorrow, and cannot wait to see the results!

When it All Falls apart…

It all comes together! 

I am not going to make excuses for my absence; apparently that is in bad taste in the blogging world.

But I will say I have turned over the keys to my apartment I have been in for 8 years, and loving my home.

I may not have a working washer and dryer yet, and the laundromat was not that bad.

I do not do change very well. 

Okay; I do not do change at all. This is my second time moving in 20 years, and it has put me to the test.

Changes at work, changes at home. But above all of that; I still open a book every single day. Beyond my Bible which is a given; I read from a book every day.

And I cannot wait to share my personal library with all of you!