Slowly but Surely

I have managed to make it to the second part of “Killing Jesus.” It is holding my attention much better as it is to the parts I am familiar with, as far as the life Jesus led up to his crucifixion. There were some very difficult parts to read that described the torture the Romans used on anyone who did not obey them.

An excerpt: The soldiers of Antipas forced Judas of Gamala to his knees, facing a low post. He was tied to the wooden shaft with his hands above his head. Two soldiers retrieved short-handled whips, whose three leather tendrils were tipped with lead balls and mutton bones….As each lash was inflicted, the leather thongs tore open the skin and muscles, even as the lead and bone created more deep bruising.” (Killing Jesus. O’Reilly, B. Dugard, M. 2013, pg 83)

You get the general idea of the brutality these citizens faced. I cannot even imagine how much more graphic this will get when it gets to how Jesus was crucified, but this section here literally took my breath away. I think the visual picture I have in my head from watching Jesus get lashed in “The Passion of the Christ” is what made it even more real to me. That is what I kept seeing as I read this passage and beyond. (As a note, this is not the infamous Judas who betrayed Jesus, but one of many Judas’s during the time Jesus lived.)

On a lighter note, I plan on having this book finished by Saturday morning, and I have an awesome give-away coming up soon for one lucky person. Details to come!

May you be able to read as long as there are stories to be told 🙂