Anxiety and Panic :-(

Since last night I have been fighting panic attacks. Hopefully after a talk with a 24-hour nurse, who assured me I could take my medication for anxiety since I have not taken a pain pill in 13 hours for my broken ankle, I did exactly that, and I should be feeling some relief soon. I will deal with the pain and not take the pain meds again; I cannot deal with the panic. Fingers crossed that this is enough to help me cope and get back to feeling normal again. Well, as normal as possible being on bed rest, still, with a broken ankle. I’ve started a book that I would like to finish as well, hopefully that can happen today and keep my mind occupied! Philipians 4 6 8


Tuesday’s Thought For The Day. Kind Of…

…it has been a while since I have posted one of my Tuesday encouraging, supportive posts. But I guess when I need it more than anyone else, I allow myself to get wrapped up in everything surrounding me and forget to encourage others.

BRMB and Pier Marquette 8-29-2015 084

What I am thinking today, as I think back to what has been going on with me…

Dad's Father's Day 6-21-2015 059

…never give someone else the pencil to write your life-story. Never give up the control. You are the star of the story, the main character, and the one everyone is rooting for. You get to choose how it ends, and you can always pick your Happy Ending.

BRMB and Pier Marquette 8-29-2015 073

What is Keeping Me From Reading…

10) I am depressed. I live in Michigan; enough said?

9) I am homeschooling…I cannot tell you the last paragraph I read in my book, but I can tell you Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

8) I work. 45-50 hours a week.

7) I volunteer at church. You would think this isn’t a big deal, but it eats up a lot of my time (which I am grateful for!)

6) I have a 17, 13, and 10 year old daughter in my house.

5) I procrastinate. Yes, I wait for the last minute for everything.

4) I am depressed. Yes; I already said it. But I do not do good without the sunshine.

3) I do not allow time for me, and my needs.

2) I live in Michigan

1) I allow my outside things to affect my inside me.

I do not do good without sunlight. I am a horrible procrastinator. I wait for others to fix my problems. I would love to crawl into a book and that is where I stay.