The Enemy We Know-Donna White Glaser


What a great story I stumbled across (well, more like tripped over). I do not want to give too much away, the plot will keep you guessing to the very end, and that is what makes this book so great. So no spoiler alerts here! This story revolves around a therapist, she is a recovering alcoholic, has some minor boyfriend issues, and a seriously ticked off former patient, who is bound and determined to make her life a living Hell. The main character is Letty, full name Violet Whittaker.


I read this in a day, and you definitely won’t want to put it down either. Yes, I would have still read it in a day, even if my cable and internet were still working! It is fast paced, not over flowing with needless characters and storylines that just confuse the plot. There is a 2nd book in this series featuring Letty, called “The One We Love”. I will hopefully be tracking that down sooner rather than later.


What book have you randomly found that you absolutely couldn’t stop reading?